This trip to Europe is really touched me, there is a passage has been printed in my mind. “Brothers and sisters! If we have a place where we can have a stepping stone on us, we can let the Lord pass through us, and we have value in this life.” At that time there was an impulse, want to sell the house, go to Europe with the service, where the need for home, need meals. Today, the main round of the main action has come to Europe, although I do not necessarily follow, I can pray to go to the financial to go. But the Lord showed me that Surrey seemed to need more expansion and revival. I know I can not be a lukewarm Christian. Or God will spit out our mouth from His mouth. I want to be a multi-fruit man. May the Spirit of God come and pick me again, and I will be more of the Lord’s Word, and I will enjoy the Lord’s life. It is indispensable to take on every body on the body. A person who is concerned, helped, weak, fallen, retired, sick, and greedy. Thank the Lord. May the Lord encourage us to move forward together.

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