Thank the Lord, believe that this trip to Europe is by no means accidental. The first three days of the Paris special meeting, followed by France, Switzerland, Germany transferred to visit. This is the first time I went to Europe, I thought finally can put a big holiday and a good relaxation to enjoy this ten days of the holiday. But a few days down, in addition to the tone of the visit, or phase to visit ‧‧‧‧‧ Plus the careful arrangement of the brethren, there is no time and opportunity to purchase. Frankly, it was a little disappointed, because it was not the same as imagined. And then did not buy anything, but this ten days down, I can be said to be worth. I am the twenties to believe in the Lord, and I am the son of peace, life did not experience any suffering, people asked me if you want to believe in Jesus, I would like to have no choice, so in this case the letter of the Lord. The Lord is really love me, let me live quite comfortable, so lukewarm.

So this time to the special meeting, by the brothers to share, the main words of the sentence live me. So that I have to serve again under His authority, let me awake a few words. This special meeting says that we must bear the ultimate responsibility for the ultimate situation of the world, the ultimate action of God, and the ultimate recovery of God. God’s ultimate action is to have a group of people who have Christ’s life and live in Him, and our ultimate responsibility is to be the witness of Christ’s living in our daily life and in one place Gather so that we can be the body of Christ, the new, the lampstand, and the bride.

For those who are lukewarm like me, these words are for me to read the truth. But this time I have to tune, I from those brothers and sisters from all over to see them that can not tell the Lord to enjoy and love. Let me not envy, but also reminds me that I have had such a situation. But I do not know when lost. So that in the last few days I will come back, I will think again, and I will plead with the Lord, and I will speak with the Lord, “Lord, forgive me, and seek me to restore my love for you at first, and I will not be too cold Will live, and I will make you live in me, and in my inrush, soaked, and infiltrated, that I may fit into thy body, and your manifestation. The church in my place becomes a living body. And those who love your brothers and sisters with the same body, together with the day of the race.

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