Being Ushered Into the Central Stage of History 2017 and Experienced the Rich Heritage of the Lord’s Recovery

His Amazing Provision

I had always wanted to visit Europe since I started working some 40 years ago. While I was hesitating whether to attend this  past ITERO, one night I suddenly asked my wife this question: Can we afford to wait for another 500 years? Her response was obvious. It was sovereign of the Lord that I lost my last job earlier this year and with His amazing provision that my wife and I could have the opportunity to participate in this momentous move of the Lord in Europe.

Church History and His Recovery

During the whole 19-day trip (Sep 28-Oct 16, 2017) from England to Germany, Belgium and France, I was being ushered into the central stage of the church history and thoroughly enjoyed the rich heritage of His recovery. The trip matches perfectly well with the general subject of this Fall ITERO: The Recovery of the Church.

My Deep Impression

I was deeply impressed by the following:

  • The Lord’s recovery has everything to do with the Bible, the written Word of God. Many risked their lives and eventually became martyrs for translating the Bible into vernacular, the common everyday language of people, at the time when printing press was invented. The Bible suddenly became an opened book.  Praise the Lord! Today, we not only have a translated bible but also an interpreted bible that we can read, understand and enjoy.
  • The openness of the European young people and their positive response to the study bible and gospel was a pleasant surprise to me.   


As we know, “The history of the church shows that the world situation is an indicator of the Lord’s move on earth.” (The World Situation and the Direction of the Lord’s Move, p. 9)

In 1991 Brother Lee said that the “Lord’s direction of His present recovery must be toward Europe” (p. 17). In the consummation of the fulfillment of the vision of the great human image in Daniel 2, Europe is “more vitally crucial than any other country or race” (p. 18).

So, let us continue to pray, give and go with the Lord’s move in Europe. Amen.

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