The general subject of the Fall ITERO is “The Recovery of the Church”. There is a message that spoke concerning the “Recovery of the Church Life”. Through the restoration of the normal church life, a local church being the golden lampstand of that locality can shine brightly through the living of the saints of that locality. After the training, I joined a trip from Leipzig to Paris by bus. On the whole way, we blended with saints from all over the world and the local saints in Europe. My deepest impression was to see that through the publication and messages of this ministry, many believers who love the Lord out of their pure heart received much shining and enlightenment. They rose up and sought to be freed from the divisive and deadened situation in Christianity and entered into the church meetings and the church life. Whether it is on the border between France and Germany in Strasbourg, or in the small town of Dieppe by the sea side of Normandy, even in Paris, I heard and witnessed this kind of testimony.

On October 12th, we distributed the Bible at an University in Paris. At noon we first had lunch and blended with the Parisian saints. Then we divided into groups and went out. The local saints gave us a tour for one or two hours to walk around the city. Around 4 o’clock, we arrived to the place where we do our Bible distribution. For our group, it is the 6th University in Paris. Our schedule was designed to coordinate with the school hours, and allowed more local saints to join us after work. That day, we walked in sporadic rain for two hours to reach our designated venue for Bible distribution. When we got there, we found the situation there was somewhat chaotic. There was a group that hung a huge promotional poster on the roadside on which it says “The world today is a scientific world.” Two young men in bright school uniform were shouting something to attract people’s attention. Just as we gathered together to pray, two drunk and homeless man and woman behind us started to curse and fought with each other. But with our prayer, the situation changed. The noisy crowd went away, students who just got off class start to appear on campus and walking toward us. Some local saints also joined us. They brought a small table with printed tablecloths, posters and distribution material. Everyone was so happy and tried quickly to set up the table and hang up the poster.

I was standing on the side, and noticed a local, middle-aged couple who had been walking in circles around us to see what we were doing. And when the saints were laying the tablecloth and hanging up the posters, they came even closer and were reading the informational text. Although I haven’t yet got the distribution material, only a few spare gospel tracks in my hands, I seized the opportunity, quickly walked towards them with a smiling face and handed them a gospel track. The gentleman took the track and was read it carefully, and the lady immediately tried to speak with me in French. But by the expression on my face, she quickly  realized I don’t speak the language and spoke to me in English. “You speak French?” Some saints who were still busy setting up our venue have noticed our conversation, so immediately, two French-speaking saints quickly came over and carry on the conversation. Being concerned, I still stood next to them try to observe what they were saying. I saw our young brother asked the woman some short questions and the woman replied with a stern, “No, No.” I thought to myself, Oh no, this couple is probably not the kind of people whom we were looking for. But next question that the lady asked the younger brother put a big smile on his face and he kept nodding his head. So I guess he was answered her “yes, yes, that’s us.” The brother immediately turned around and picked up two Recovery Version Bibles from the table and handed to the couple one of each. He unwrapped the Bible for them, started talked with them for a long time using the Bible, and exchanged contact information at the end.

Afterwards, I recall some brothers who had fellowshipped regarding the aggressive promotional activities that the Jehovah’s Witnesses had been doing in Europe have aroused much doubts and resentment in the Europeans. But the Lord, through our co-ordination, will gain many who love Him and love His Word, who will be raised up and be released from the division and death of the religious world, and enter into the blessed church life and the building up of the Body of Christ, so that the golden lampstand can shine brightly in each locality to be His glorious testimony.

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