It was a joy to participate in the bible seminar at the Amana bookstore, and visit Bower house, Bower farm, and Woodland camp in London. All these were fulfilled through the prayers of the Body of which our Tuesday night church prayer meeting had a part.

At the British library we saw portions of the Codex Sinaiticus, the 1st hand written bible in Greek, and the first Greek bible printed by Gutenberg. Also Martin Luther’s German bible and William Tyndale’s English bible (which was eventually released because of the Lord’s answer to his prayer while being burned at the stake “Lord, open the King of England’s eyes”). A history tour of the scholars who attended Cambridge showed us how those scholars were not afraid to die for the faith and the truth they saw at that time. We came away with the sense of the rich heritage we have inherited, and the realization that by His 7-fold intensified Spirit, the Lord will produce overcomers with a spirit of martyrdom. Hallelujah! There is also a lampstand in Cambridge as His testimony.

We enjoyed the bountiful care of the church in Brussels the entire week. We outnumbered them at 60. The saints numbering around 40-50 are scattered throughout the country. After visiting Wartburg castle where Martin Luther translated the original Greek bible into German, our bus would not start. The Lord was sovereign over the whole situation. It was a preparation for the bus driver who received the Lord the next morning. He testified he had not seen a group of people who were in the dark for 5 hours and without dinner yet never complained or got angry. We were all singing and praying. He requested we sing again 2 of the hymns that he enjoyed.

The bible distribution in Lille, France, the universities in Belgium, and the European Commission and Parliament in Brussels, showed us the openness of the students and contacts. The highlight of the end of that week was the conference and the Lord’s Table meeting with the church in Brussels, together with saints from the Netherlands, and France. We enjoyed 3 messages from the ITERO. This was the first time in Europe there were 8 simultaneous regional conferences and bible distribution in 20 places. We receive the vision and burden from the ministry messages, conferences and trainings concerning the world situation and the direction of the Lord’s move, but to be there to witness it and be a part of is like being immersed in the reality of the fulfillment. The Lord is progressively recovering us daily toward the ultimate consummation to that which the saints of old have longed for. We trust in His mercy we all can press on in His economy, and by praying, giving and going.

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